Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to the world of WiMAX

WiMAX stand for worldwide interoperability for microwave access. But what it means for you and me is High - Speed wireless internet with the latest wireless broadband technology.

Let P1 WiMAX enhance the way you live, work and play.

**WiMAX and WI-FI Enabled**
-there's now no need to get router. By fusing WiMAX and WiFi functioninto one, we'll keep the fun going for one or many.

**Plug & Play**
Relax. Setting-up is now quick and simple.
NO Software. NO Configurations.

**Service Activation Within 1 Hour**
- Waiting is so yesterday. Simply Sign-Up now and surf within an hour.

**High Speed Access**
- Turbo up your surfing to 42 times the speed of dial-up with P1 WiMAX!

**No Phone Line Needed (Save up to RM49)**
- Set yourself free! From now on, no phone line are required. That one bill less!

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